Workplace Bullying: Signs of a Bully

Bullying is not behaviour that is restricted to the school yard. Bullies, far from being insecure children who are covering up their inadequacies, are often people who are privileged, entitled, and all too sure of the fact that their behaviour will not be caught. Workplace bullying is a serious thing, and it is important to recognise the signs of a bully.

Workplace BullyingBullies are often people who need to dominate the conversation, regardless of whether they are the expert in it. They will use volume and casual putdowns to get their way. Alternately, they may also undermine the opinions of others.

They often make jokes that can then be retracted. Bullies often have a great deal of practice by the time they are adults, and they are often the ones asking “Why can’t you take a joke?” They are very skilled at making it look like the person who took offense is over-sensitive.

Bullies are often very confident people. Previously, it was believed that bullies were suffering from a lot of stress that caused them to act out. Instead, it turned out that bullies were often people who were better off than other people, and they know how to leverage their power. When they are asked why they are doing something, they are quick to show how the other person incited them or somehow deserved what happened.

Work place bullying is a serious issue, and that is why more and more companies are investing in workplace bullying training. Not only does this show employers how to deal swiftly and finally with bullying issues, it also helps bullies learn that their behaviour will not be tolerated. This is something that can make both an immediate and long-term change to your work environment, so think about what it can do for you.

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