Why It’s Time That You Started Considering a Boarding School

All parents want the very best for their children, especially when it comes to their education and today I want to speak a little about what a boarding school education can offer your child. After much thought, last year I sent my son to a boarding school, a tough decision but one which I felt was going to best help him in the long run. I must be honest, watching my young son leave home was not easy but his first year has shown me enough to realize that I made a great choice. If you have not yet considered this option for your child, here is why I would recommend that you do.


The Arts

There are many areas which boarding schools can afford to pump money into that public schools cannot and the arts are one of them. Boarding schools like Besant Hill offer performing arts programs and often times that can be enough of a deciding factor in your decision to send your child to boarding school. Especially if acting has been a passion of your child for a long time. If your child has an interest in the arts, a boarding school can offer them a program and facilities which public schools simply cannot.


Class Sizes

State schools need to do what they can, with what they have and one of the consequences of this is crowded and oversized classrooms. Classrooms which have 30 or 40 pupils in them, means that teachers simply cannot give each child the attention which they deserve and it can greatly inhibit a child’s education. In a boarding school, your child will be in a class of no more than 15, this not only gives them the chance for one-on-one attention with the teacher, but it also means that they cannot avoid getting involved, something which greatly helps them to learn.


Character Growth


Students who have been to boarding schools will leave their education as well rounded, confident and conscientious young men and women. The very fact that these young boys and girls leave home at such a young age really speeds up their character growth and the positive and academic environment in which they live and study, greatly helps to create balanced students who have their priorities in the right place.


The Best Platform

Ultimately, a boarding school education will give your child a solid best platform to become the very best that they can be. Your child will be given a deep education from outstanding teachers, they will have access to the very best facilities available and they will be surrounded by a peer group which is constantly striving for academic excellence. Simply put, if you want to give your child the very best start in life, sending them off to boarding school is how to do exactly that.

And so, if you haven’t considered boarding school for your child just yet, it is about time that you did.

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