What an MBA can do for a Career

A Master of Business Administration, commonly known as an MBA, is one of the most helpful graduate-level degrees you can acquire. If put to proper use, an MBA can enable one to advance his or her career or even gain a corporate leadership position. There are many MBA programs in Canada that one can join. Laurier MBA is one of them.


About MBA Programs

MBA programs offered in different institutions are more or less the same. They consist of a rigorous curriculum that focuses on business and management concepts. The students are meant to submit a project or thesis at the end of the course. Their performance is mainly determined by the work they have put into the thesis and project. If the project or thesis is satisfactory, the students get to achieve the coveted MBA degree.

Students join MBA programs with different goals and interests. After graduating most MBA holders are normally unsure of the most effective and fulfilling way to utilize their degree. There are several ways through which one can utilize his or her MBA towards gaining career advancement. It is important for one to know these ways otherwise the MBA will be useless after all.

Advancing Careers

One can advance his or her current career by applying the skills he or she has leaned through the MBA program. Once the program is over, one should inform his or her employer that he or she has earned a graduate degree. In some jobs he or she may qualify for a salary raise or a promotion.

Management Position

Another approach would be to apply for a management position in a private business. Many large and small businesses have unqualified managers and would welcome a qualified professional with open arms. During the interview, one should emphasize on his or her strengths and managerial styles and how the MBA program has helped him or her to hone those skills.

Government Jobs

An MBA holder can also seek a managerial or leadership position with the local or federal government. There are many government jobs that require MBA holders. Some of them include leading teams of political staffers, managing government sponsored agencies and directing special projects that have been funded by the government.

Nonprofit Organization Management

One can also work for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations work more or less the same way as profit making organizations. Therefore, they need qualified individuals to fill managerial positions such as director, manager and accountant. Moreover, nonprofit organizations can also have other positions for MBA holders, such as fundraiser, which is one of the specialties of MBA graduates.


An MBA graduate can also start his or her own business. The training he or she received in the MBA program comes in handy when creating a concept and a business plan. Since an MBA holder has a high skill level, there is a great chance that the business will succeed.

Therefore, one should not be stranded after completing their Laurier MBA. Instead, he or she should put his or her skills to use. It’s only through that that one can achieve success.

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