Playground Surfacing, A Solution For All Needs

Playground surfacing is more than an innovative technique to provide play sets with a layer of security that protects our most valuable asset; our children. A playground surfacing system also resolves structural problems that are often associated to the addition of a playground area into a space where it was not planned to have one at first. Moreover, playground surfacing is not just a solution for residential areas, but also public parks, schools, and anywhere else where a play set is in one place.

A safe playground rubber surface can be added to any area where playground equipment sits, removing the dirt caused by a plain soil or sandy terrain while adding a material that absorbs impact shocks while preventing accidents. There are different playground surfacing solutions to choose from, which cover different safety and architectural needs, as there are also after-care solutions for your playground surface including periodical maintenance and repair systems that do not only repair effectively any rubber tile, PIP, etc, but provides the setting with a long-lasting protection coat for a brand new looking appearance, and less expensive than re-capping, repairing or removing the surfacing in place.

 play ground surfacing

No Area Is Too Small or Big

A playground surfacing system is a perfect solution for the small slot in your home’s garden, no matter if this area has just a swing or a monkey bar. The surfacing purpose is not just providing an area with a aesthetic looking but guarantees safe playing time for the kids. Hence, anyone working in architecture, design or engineering industry can offer their clients an affordable solution for larger playground areas outdoors and into the setting of schools, children daycare services and more.

Offering different rubber textures and colors, playground surfaces add a vibrant and cheerful note to the play set that make outdoor time more enjoyable. From bonded rubber mulch to poured in place rubber or rubber turf, playground surfacing is by itself a kind of enjoyable playing time selecting the material and colors, planning a surface design and creating the patterns that your imagination or custom pattern dictates.

The Professional Approach

Nonetheless, making an educated selection is important when it comes to select the company for your playground surface project. A quality system must provide more than simply a rubber coating or rubber filling. Rubber mulch, as an example has to be screed to a given depth — based on the fall height — and secured into place with a polyurethane binder.

If you are still unsure about the final look of the play set after adding a playground surfacing system, keep in mind that it is possible to add a layer of security into the place without breaking the natural look of the environment. Synthetic turf is a natural-looking synthetic grass alternative to rubber tiles, which is long lasting, requires no watering and can be easily integrated into any surfacing or flooring project.

Do not hesitate to explore the potential designs for a playground surfacing system, not as a decorative outdoor element, but as a necessity that parents, teachers and people in your community have to give children – a safe place to play. Click here for more information.

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