How Do Employers Utilize Multilingual Workers?

Learning a foreign language has become a more sought-after skill than ever before, especially in the corporate world. Whether a company is planning for the ensuing need for translation services or simply needs to improve its customer service offerings, those who have knowledge of multiple languages can give themselves a big advantage during the hiring process. Here’s a look at just some of the top opportunities for multilingual individuals.


Translation services is one of the biggest needs employers face — including smaller brands. Though companies in Canada have long been required to provide information in both English and French, an influx of individuals who speak Spanish and other languages have further increased local translation requirements.


International brands have even greater needs, often needing to adapt content for each country where they do business. Needless to say, the assistance of individuals who have a competent understanding of both languages involved in the translation process will go a long way in ensuring accurate, reliable results. This is especially true if a language barrier exists between upper-level management and other lower-ranking employees.


Companies need translation assistance with everything from internal memos to websites and other marketing content. For multilingual individuals with strong translation and writing capabilities, this represents a significant opportunity for gainful employment.


Customer-Facing Positions

Bilingual employees are also needed in direct customer interactions. When immigrants arrive in a new country, they are often nervous about adapting to a foreign language. Many feel uncomfortable conducting transactions in a language they don’t fully understand. This is especially true when seeking medical care or planning a major purchase, such as a house or car.


The ability to do business in one’s native language is a significant draw for immigrants and others. As such, it should hardly be surprising that businesses advertise when they have staff that can assist customers in multiple languages.


Speaking with customers in their native tongue ensures that they will get the service and support they need. By providing a friendly, welcoming introduction in a way that these individuals can understand, you will ultimately create a win-win for both the customers and the company. A better customer experience will ensure stronger sales for your employer, while also helping the customers find what they were looking for.


Whether you grew up in a bilingual household or mastered a foreign language after a study abroad program during college, this is one skill you shouldn’t let go to waste. As you continually strive to improve your language abilities, you will be better positioned to make a strong impression with potential employers.

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