Do I Need a Roommate?

Are you sitting back looking at your expenses and scratching your head? If the answer is yes, you are not alone by any means.

For millions of individuals, the idea of adding roommates can prove appealing.

Sure, you may not like the idea of having one or more people under the same roof. That said the money saved can offset any feelings of it being too crowded and there being too much drama in the home.

In the event you decide the time may be right for a roommate, how best to go about selecting one?

Do Your Research

To lessen chances of ending up with a bad roommate, do some research on any potential roommates.

For example, what if you brought someone in to room with you, only to discover they had a criminal past? If it is only a few traffic offenses, you might not bat an eyelash. If you did consider going with a license plate search, you may have found out all you needed to know about them.

That said what if they have a rather extensive criminal past? Would you still have considered them a candidate if you knew about their past?

When you check to see if a roommate candidate has a criminal past, you lessen your odds of having a bad situation.

Among some bad scenarios if you get someone in your home with a significant criminal past:

  • Someone stealing your possessions
  • Someone accessing your financial records
  • Someone getting you involved in a crime unbeknownst to you

Take the time to go online and root around.

In doing so, you may get a surprise with what you come up with about a potential roommate

Rules in Play

Once you do decide on a roommate, it is important that everyone agrees to some ground rules around the home. Otherwise, things can get out of control in a rather fast manner.

For instance, who will take out the trash? Will all parties be responsible for cleaning the place? What about buying common supplies for the home? Sit down and get these things figured out so that there are no issues arising. In some cases, even the smallest of issues can turn into bigger ones if left unattended.

It is also a good idea to make sure there are no misunderstandings about paying the rent.

Often, disagreements over money can end up putting the screws on a positive situation.

Make sure everyone knows when rent is due. If there are ever any issues about money in the home, do your best to sit down and discuss them.

Giving Notice

In the event you or a roommate decides it is time to move for whatever reason, make sure to give the proper notice.

The last thing one wants is for someone to up and leave without giving a standard 30-day notice. Someone exiting without such notice can leave others on the ropes for their share of the rent money.

When bringing on a new roommate, be sure that all the paperwork gets covered with the lease terms. Not doing so can open up the door for trouble.

With that in mind, do you need a roommate?

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