Boosting Employee Motivation through Rewards and Recognition System

Psychology and management is full to the brim with employee motivation models. Why is so much importance given to this throughout history? This is because the first step to success of a company is a successful team.

Boosting Employee Motivation through Rewards and Recognition SystemWhat is a successful team?
A successful team is a group of hard working and motivated employees. Hard working and motivated are the two main features of a successful team and these features are interdependent. A team of employees will only work hard if they are motivated to work, but once motivated this team will move mountains to get to their destination.

How to motivate your employees, well that is the main question! This question has baffled employers all over the world and only few employers have been able to find the answer to this, whereas others have just resorted to screaming their heads off at their employees and getting nowhere.

An employee needs recognition and rewards for his hard work. Personal gain and survival are the two factors that are most important to an employee. If he sees his gain in something, he will get it done as best as he can. The main thing to recognize here is that if you can make an employee think of the company’s gains as his own success, you have won over your employees.

Not an easy task is it?It is not that difficult either! The solution is implementing an effective reward and recognition programs that will award your employees based on their performance. But don’t stop at that because that is only a part of the solution, as important as the reward system is, employee recognition, and importance holds significance too.

Recognize your employees’ efforts, praise them, and award them based on their performance and you have got yourself a motivated hard working work force.

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