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Brain-Freeze: New Age Mind Bloggers Asked During Interviews

Google, famous for having impossibly difficult brain teasers for in its interviews has reportedly banned such questions from them. They’ve also admitted that such questions are redundant from the very beginning and satisfied a very niche purpose. However, according users of, there are still many companies that drive people mental with their astounding questions. These questions may be asked to adjudicate the creativity, stress and general market knowledge of…

Learning on the internet is fun

These days learning over the internet has become a major part of studies and teaching the world over. There are numerous courses that are available online. And one can definitely learn a great deal from them. However learning without the physical presence of a teacher can prove to be a little disadvantage at times as when you have the contact of a teacher learning becomes much simpler and easier. Rather…

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic

Are your teeth damaged, yellowed and cracked? No wonder you don’t want to smile a lot in front of people as this doesn’t have a pleasant impact on your appearance. But, those days are gone when you could only dream of getting the perfect smile. Now, it is completely possible and all because of cosmetic dentistry. This field of dentistry is a new one and not a lot of people…

Calculating the Average Cost of Dental Implant Service

Root Canal

Individuals who have gone through the miserable process of losing a tooth are alone aware of how embarrassing it is to deal with it. It could be tooth decay or gum disease or it can be an accident that causes the loss of teeth, but no matter what the reason is, it still remains highly embarrassing. There are some unique options that can be found in the field of dentistry…

How FE Colleges Are Jeopardising Their Funding Chances

FE colleges fulfil a vital role in the education system by teaching students key skills and enabling them to enter the job market with qualifications and confidence, but new statistics show that FE colleges are on the verge of losing funding due to key shortages in teaching staff. Specifically, a shortage of over 2,000 English and maths teachers is putting funding at risk as FE colleges fail to comply with…

Ghost-writers – should you use one?

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked whether you should use the services of a ghostwriter or not, I’d be a rich man! To save myself having to constantly shell out the same advice, I’ve decided to write this short post which I hope you’ll find useful should you find yourself seeking the answer to this same question. To start with, I think ghostwriters have a…

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